As with most martial arts the KAA marks your progress through Aikido by awarding grades, and coloured belts, using a defined grading syllabus.

As a beginner you will work towards and through the Kyu grades, coloured belts, and then progress onto the Dan grades, which are represented by prestigious black belt.

  • 6th Kyu - White
  • 5th Kyu - Yellow
  • 4th Kyu - Orange
  • 3rd Kyu - Green
  • 2nd Kyu - Blue
  • 1st Kyu - Brown
  • 1st Dan - Black

The grading syllabus used by the KAA has been carefully devised to allow the student to demonstrate a good understanding of the art of Aikido.  And by progressing to the next level of grading will develop those skills to a higher standard.

Here is the current Kogusoku grading syllabus in PDF format.